Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's been a long time...

Yeah, I know it's been a while, but no one reads this anyway. They've opened up the highway that I use to get to and from work to five lanes and it's nice, but you still have the people who have to be in the left lane and drive slower than everyone else. What I really don't understand are all the people who slow down when the speed limit goes up. Along the 5 lane stretch, the limit is 55. I think they are going to raise it when they are completely finished, but right before it divides into upper and lower levels, the limit increases to 60. Everyone slows down. They'll go 65-70 but once they hit that 60, they go 50-55. I think I live in the only place on earth when it's almost guaranteed that if the speed limit goes up, people slow down. It happens out by my parents house also. The limit goes from 55 to 60 and every drops their speed. And then, I also don't understand why I'll pass people on the highway going the speed limit of 70, but when I exit onto the business loop where the limit is 55, they think I'm going to speed and they ride my bumper. I am of the mind that they believe that as long as their average speed ends up being near the limit of the last road they drive, then it's okay to drive whatever, whereever. Another thing is the amount of people in my town that will pull out in front of you in a 55 zone, go 20 miles under the limit, just to turn 3 roads down. Will waiting that extra 10 seconds for me to pass really put you out that much? I have an idea, if they wait for me to go by, and then turn out and at least try to accelerate before their turn, they might make up their wait. Oh well, I can't change the wat other people drive, so I try to drive by example.

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