Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just stopping in to say hi! Christmas was a lot of fun. My mother bought my 5 year old a cell phone. A real cell phone. I don't believe that a 5 year old needs a real cell phone. But, as long as my parents are paying for the service, I won't complain. Anyway, it was a good Christmas. Got to see all my family. Received several games for my Wii. Loads of fun. Not too many bad drivers out there recently. Maybe they've been taking my advice! I'l' write more later when I have more time.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I got upset at my husband last night. The first time that I have just kind of shrugged it off. We have two kids. In the morning, we both get up and he makes the bottles for the baby while I get us dressed. He then helps me get her out to the car and we take off for work. Sometimes he goes back to sleep, sometimes not. After a little while, he'll get the older one up and get her ready for school. I think he is amazing for doing this because he is her step-dad. Though he has spent more time with her than her real dad. Anyway, we have to sign her folder for school every day. When I do it, I look at all the papers that are in there and see if it's something I need. Well, he doesn't do that. On Wednesday night, we were moving some furniture into the house and as I was cleaning, I found a pile of papers from school. And one was a very important paper that I had been waiting for. It was the letter letting parents know that it was time to request the forms to get your kid into the gifted and talented program. I'm not just b/sing when I say my girl is pretty smart. When she was in daycare, they had to move her into the pre-school class after she turned 3 because she would finish her work before everyone else and it would be correct. She'd then ask to play and they would give her more work and she would actually question why she had to do more just because she finished first. Anyway, I found it around 6:30 on the last day to request the paperwork. Here's when I get pissed at the school. It just says you have to request the form by the 19th, it doesn't say that everything has to be requested and filled out by the 19th. I called thinking I might be able to slip in on a technicality since I did request the info on the 19th, but that's apparently not how it works. So, I don't get to get my daughter tested for the G&T program for another year. And the reason I got mad at my husband is because the paper was sent home on the 4th. A good two weeks beforehand and he just tossed it aside like it was nothing. And I've even cleaned since then and I went through all the papers I found, but he had them in a special hiding place. I was seriously about to cry because it wasn't fair to my little girl. But, I try to look at it in a more positive spin because this isn't the only time she'll get to try for the G&T. We'll try again next year!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's been a good week so far. I had the best Saturday night that I've had in a long time. We had a going away/birthday party for my best friend and her boss paid for about 7 of us to drive go-karts for about an hour. It seems ridiculous since we are all nearing 30, but it was still a whole lot of fun. We also went and had sushi for dinner and did a little karaoke. I was a whole lot of fun. I woke up Sunday morning with no voice. I don't have it completely back yet. But, I thought I would just check in. I really need to get back to work. See y'all later.

Friday, December 7, 2007


So, not too much bad driving on the roads lately. Makes me happy. Granted, it leaves me with not much to blog about, but that's okay. I will mention one thing that drives me crazy and I really don't understand why it happens. I know I've mentioned all the construction that is going on the this area. Well, each day, they are opening more and more of one of the highways in in new expanded glory. In the contruction zones, the speed limit is 55 and everyone tends to drive around 70. Well, when you get to the new areas, where the lanes are back to normal width and the speed limit goes up to 60 or 65, everyone slows down! I don't get it! There aren't any more barricades 6 inches from the side of you car, you're not worried that a semi is going to side-swipe you on every curve, yet people hit their breaks and slow down when they get to a better driving condition. If anyone out there reads this, do you have an explanation? Anyway, my little baby turned a year old on Tuesday and decided to get three new teeth all at one time. They're not really bothering her, she just tends to drool a whole lot more. Her daycare moved her into the toddler class because she's now walking like a champ. Last night, she actually tried to jump over my husband. She was a large source of amusement last night. She's very very ticklish, just like her daddy, and if you even make the motions of tickling her, she starts laughing. I was doing that for a long time last night. She was fighting sleep so hard last night. There was one point when I thought she was going to fall asleep standing up. She had her pacifier in her mouth, just sucking away, standing there, with her eyes rolling in the back of her head. I really thought she was going to fall asleep and then fall to the ground. So, we put her in bed and I went to bed and everything was good until my alarm went off this morning. Oh well, we all have to wake up sometime. See y'all later!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I had my first comment!! That's what I get for not even checking my blog for over 2 weeks. It's just been busy. The commentor said "That's where road rage comes from." I'm not quite sure what they meant. I think road rage comes from people who have anger management issues. I deal with a whole lot of bad drivers since I drive a lot, but I don't react stupidly when someone does something I don't agree with. Last night for example, I met my mother at Build-a-Bear for my little one's b-day and afterward we went to dinner. I finally got on the road around 6:30. I'm going about 5 miles over the speed limit. I get to an area of the highway where it splits into an upper and lower level. I always take the lower level because it makes it easier to get onto the next highway. I'm in the left lane passing a truck and a car when the car that ahead of the truck, changes into my lane. Mind you, there is no one in front of them, a truck behind them, no one in front of me and lots of cars about 200 to 300 feet behind me. This lady then proceeds to slow down to 45 miles an hour. In a 60, in front of a vehicle that was doing 65. I tapped on my horn, just to let her know I was there, maybe she couldn't see around the truck and truly didn't know I was there. I did not lay on the horn. Just two little taps to let her know what she had done. You know what she did? She slowed down even more. So now she's going 40 in a 60 with traffic starting to build behind her. Luckily, no one had switched into the right lane except the truck that was originally there, I got behind him, he slowly pulled ahead of the lady, I changed lanes again, got up to the speed limit and continued on my way. If I wasn't able to control myself, I would have tailgated her, flashed my lights, and all kinds of other crazy things. I really don't think bad driving causes road rage, I think bad attitudes and poor anger management causes road rage. And please tell me that no one has even done this. I went shopping on Saturday after doing a little overtime at work. I decide to go to Wal-Mart because it's the closest place to my job. So, I'm driving up and down the aisles, trying to find a parking spot that isn't a mile away from the door and I decide to myself that I am going to go down one more aisle before I try somewhere else. Mind you the weather was pretty crappy and I wasn't looking for the very first spot in an aisle, just one that I wouldn't have to use a GPS to get back to. Anyway, I turn down a lane and see that someone at the beginning of the aisle is leaving. I start on my merry way when I see a parked car backing up. I'm in a good mood because I found a good parking spot, so I slow down and let the guy out. He goes along and next thing I know, he parks in the spot I was going for. And his spot is now taken because there was a car behind me. And it isn't like it was a really far distance between the spot he already had and the one he ended up parking in. I just think it's crap to be completely parked and actually race out of your spot to beat someone to a spot that is maybe 50 feet closer to the door. I was really really mad and since my kids weren't in the car I let out a long string of explicatives. I then proceded to leave Wal-Mart and go to Target because I think I probably would have been a complete bitch to that guy if I had seen him in the store. Anyway, that 's it for today. Hopefully too much time won't pass before the next post.