Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I had my first comment!! That's what I get for not even checking my blog for over 2 weeks. It's just been busy. The commentor said "That's where road rage comes from." I'm not quite sure what they meant. I think road rage comes from people who have anger management issues. I deal with a whole lot of bad drivers since I drive a lot, but I don't react stupidly when someone does something I don't agree with. Last night for example, I met my mother at Build-a-Bear for my little one's b-day and afterward we went to dinner. I finally got on the road around 6:30. I'm going about 5 miles over the speed limit. I get to an area of the highway where it splits into an upper and lower level. I always take the lower level because it makes it easier to get onto the next highway. I'm in the left lane passing a truck and a car when the car that ahead of the truck, changes into my lane. Mind you, there is no one in front of them, a truck behind them, no one in front of me and lots of cars about 200 to 300 feet behind me. This lady then proceeds to slow down to 45 miles an hour. In a 60, in front of a vehicle that was doing 65. I tapped on my horn, just to let her know I was there, maybe she couldn't see around the truck and truly didn't know I was there. I did not lay on the horn. Just two little taps to let her know what she had done. You know what she did? She slowed down even more. So now she's going 40 in a 60 with traffic starting to build behind her. Luckily, no one had switched into the right lane except the truck that was originally there, I got behind him, he slowly pulled ahead of the lady, I changed lanes again, got up to the speed limit and continued on my way. If I wasn't able to control myself, I would have tailgated her, flashed my lights, and all kinds of other crazy things. I really don't think bad driving causes road rage, I think bad attitudes and poor anger management causes road rage. And please tell me that no one has even done this. I went shopping on Saturday after doing a little overtime at work. I decide to go to Wal-Mart because it's the closest place to my job. So, I'm driving up and down the aisles, trying to find a parking spot that isn't a mile away from the door and I decide to myself that I am going to go down one more aisle before I try somewhere else. Mind you the weather was pretty crappy and I wasn't looking for the very first spot in an aisle, just one that I wouldn't have to use a GPS to get back to. Anyway, I turn down a lane and see that someone at the beginning of the aisle is leaving. I start on my merry way when I see a parked car backing up. I'm in a good mood because I found a good parking spot, so I slow down and let the guy out. He goes along and next thing I know, he parks in the spot I was going for. And his spot is now taken because there was a car behind me. And it isn't like it was a really far distance between the spot he already had and the one he ended up parking in. I just think it's crap to be completely parked and actually race out of your spot to beat someone to a spot that is maybe 50 feet closer to the door. I was really really mad and since my kids weren't in the car I let out a long string of explicatives. I then proceded to leave Wal-Mart and go to Target because I think I probably would have been a complete bitch to that guy if I had seen him in the store. Anyway, that 's it for today. Hopefully too much time won't pass before the next post.

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