Friday, December 7, 2007


So, not too much bad driving on the roads lately. Makes me happy. Granted, it leaves me with not much to blog about, but that's okay. I will mention one thing that drives me crazy and I really don't understand why it happens. I know I've mentioned all the construction that is going on the this area. Well, each day, they are opening more and more of one of the highways in in new expanded glory. In the contruction zones, the speed limit is 55 and everyone tends to drive around 70. Well, when you get to the new areas, where the lanes are back to normal width and the speed limit goes up to 60 or 65, everyone slows down! I don't get it! There aren't any more barricades 6 inches from the side of you car, you're not worried that a semi is going to side-swipe you on every curve, yet people hit their breaks and slow down when they get to a better driving condition. If anyone out there reads this, do you have an explanation? Anyway, my little baby turned a year old on Tuesday and decided to get three new teeth all at one time. They're not really bothering her, she just tends to drool a whole lot more. Her daycare moved her into the toddler class because she's now walking like a champ. Last night, she actually tried to jump over my husband. She was a large source of amusement last night. She's very very ticklish, just like her daddy, and if you even make the motions of tickling her, she starts laughing. I was doing that for a long time last night. She was fighting sleep so hard last night. There was one point when I thought she was going to fall asleep standing up. She had her pacifier in her mouth, just sucking away, standing there, with her eyes rolling in the back of her head. I really thought she was going to fall asleep and then fall to the ground. So, we put her in bed and I went to bed and everything was good until my alarm went off this morning. Oh well, we all have to wake up sometime. See y'all later!

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